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An enjoyable unforgettable French experience.

A tasty and beautiful piece of beef accompanied by a fine superior Bordeaux wine. Everything in one name:


Our beef is also avalaible in:

Pure Limousin semi-wild breeding with certification all life 100% antibiotic free;

Pure Limousin with the Dutch Animal Welfare BLK ** & *** certification;

And next... last but not least: heifers crossed Blanc Bleu, raised after weaning withoud antibiotics, feeded only with OGM free and enriched in omega 3 food.

People who would like  to experience a unique moment, by adding food to culture and tradition, should taste the qualities of our meat and wine.

Bon Appétit.


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The Burger born to match people

Enzo Sisto 7 maart 2021

The Urban Share Steak Burger, as the product's name says, was born as a burger to share. The ingredients are exclusively natural. Meat comes from suppliers previously selected according to the virtuous production of breeders, the level of food safety and the certifications acquired.

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Spiced Roasted BBQ Rum

Enzo Sisto 7 februari 2021

Designing a "spicy roasted rum" with notes of caramel and molasses was an amazing and positive note in this difficult and complex moment that Covid19 has given us.

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Christmas Roast Beef

Enzo Sisto 27 december 2020

The perfect beef and way to make a great ROAST BEEF

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History of Bordeaux wine

The history of Bordeaux wine spans almost 2000 years to Roman times when the first vineyards were planted. In the Middle Ages, the marriage of Henry Plantagenet and Eleanor of Aquitaine opened the Bordeaux region to the English market and eventually to the world's stage. The name Bordeaux derives from the French au bord de l'eau which means "along the waters"

and makes reference to the Gironde estuary and its tributaries, the Garonne and the Dordogne rivers which play a pivotal role in the history and success of this region...