Hugo Desnoyer

Hugo Desnoyer : the butcher of the stars (chefs) says in 2013 : "...terroirs for meat? Yes of course. If you are a winemaker, you will not go cabernet in Alsace! Seriously, if you take for example a limousine in raw pure race, as the chabanaise confonlentaise or she will not be at all the same if you raise in Normandy. There will really be a big difference in the end.
The traditional livestock protects nature. The vast majority of farms in France and fifty heads per breeder, it is far from the industrial context of feedlots (intensive feedlot cattle, NDR). Our French farmers have few hectares, they maintain their land, fields, country roads. If our meadows are still there, it is thanks to them. Their cows enrich the soil by making their needs. These traditional farms have nothing to do with industrial pig farms in Britain, for example, who are all ravaged by saturating nitrogen surrounding soils and causing the proliferation of green algae in the sea. We, traditional craftsmen, we are the first environmentalists in France!.