Semi-wild & Antibiotic free 100%

Enzo Sisto 10 oktober 2018

WEarlJerretie limousin

The semi-wild breeding chain with breeding without antibiotics since birth (100% antibiotic free) is certified!

Let's start with the official definition of semi-wild that comes from Treccani: “semibrado agg. [Comp. of semi- and wild]. - Partially wild, called spec. of the breeding of horses or other livestock when the animals are hospitalized in stables where they receive custody and food only during the winter season, while in the other seasons they are left outdoors in complete freedom. "

The Italian movement "Allevamento-etico" has improved and clarified the concept. Davide of the "Parva Domus" model pig farm in Piedmont clarified this definition better on the site of the movement.

Davide explains that: "... the difference between wild and semi-wild: in the wild the leaders must find in the environment everything they need to feed themselves, without integrations of food by human beings, while in the semi-wild state, animals they feed in part of what they find in the environment and partly with feed; in Parva Domus the pig's diet is supplemented with a mixture of corn, wheat, bran, ... "

Passion for meat is a family tradition more than a profession; in my family for five generations now we live with this emotion for high quality meat produced in an ethical and sustainable way. This ethical model of semi-wild breeding goes perfectly with what nature has given to the Limousin region in the heart of France. Together with specialist breeders and gypsy lovers we select the most prestigious French meats, where tradition wants to give the best of themselves.

For this reason we have chosen to specialize in the Limousine meat produced in the homonymous region in the pristine pastures of the western slopes of the Massif Central in the provinces of Corrèze, Creuse, Haute-Vienne, Charentes, Dordogne, Vienne et Indre. Here in hilly prairies alternating with woods, ponds and streams, Limousin has had its natural habitat for millennia. Just think of the graffiti in the Lascaux cave dating back over 19,000 years ago. Semi-wild because the animals live in total freedom in the pasture and only in the two to three cold winter months they find refuge in cozy stables and are cared for and cared for with love by the farmers. Every farm is family run and the farmer takes care of everything in person. Cattle remain throughout their life in the place where they were born and raised. In a short period before slaughter, finishing is completed by supplementing the diet with cereals, almost always fruit of the plantations of the same farm or neighboring farms.

Locally slaughtered to maximize respect for animal welfare, shortening transport times, in Bellac and Limoges slaughterhouses due to a strong territorial connotation and the sustainability of the supply chain.


High quality beef from France + wellbeing and healthy life for animals + food safety, fully traceable with a complete range of information on breeding in compliance with the "Rules on good breeding practices" + transparency and respect for ethical values.

Now, from October 2018, in collaboration with COVILIM SA Limoges the 100% semi-wild breeding chain without antibiotics since birth is certified by an independent and recognized certification body - the French Qualisud - through its "Vigilantia" office in Limoges . Quality is not just taste and tenderness. Safety, information and respect for the natural character of the product are equally important. As well as the environmental sustainability of this extensive and circular breeding.

Therefore, we have chosen young limousin cattle with a controlled and guaranteed genetics for European market consumers. These young healthy cattle are bred in a traditional way, with respect for man, the environment, the animal and its well-being. We don't do it just because of our ethical ideals, but simply because it is an important factor that guarantees the quality we find in the final products.

My prospect of future consumption of high quality meat in Europe is optimistic.
The goal is to obtain and maintain consumer confidence by providing a constant high quality of meat.
The consumer wants to live a beautiful moment, adding culture and tradition to the qualities of our meat, a moment like this can be unforgettable.

Enjoy your meal ! Vincenzo Sisto

founder FoodStage b.v. and creator of the CHÂTEAU BOUCHER project

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