Horecava 2020: The partners on the Stage

Enzo Sisto 10 december 2019

Casa Vercelli

Welcome to Casa Vercelli. This is the first Château Boucher’s partner that we wish to introduce you. As you know Château Boucher offer you an unique French experience, but we also admire and promote other countries' excellences and innovations. That’s because during Horecava we are proud to have them together on the "Food Stage”.


Il Vitello di Casa Vercelli products are guaranteed by the traceability of feed and food supply chain and are prepared only with veal from calves born, reared and selected in Italy by the Vercelli Group.

The excellence of our products is therefore guaranteed from the very beginning, with the farming taking place in facilities directly managed by the Vercelli Group ensuing meat with the highest nutritional properties and taste.



The characteristic colour of Il Vitello di Casa Vercelli veal is determined by the young age of the animals and by the use of dry feed in their diet, as well as milk.


Our Italian veal has a succulent and delicate flavour.


The freshness and healthiness of the meat is indicated by a subtle odour of grass and cereals.


Italian veal from Il Vitello di Casa Vercelli has a smooth and fine texture on the palate.


    • Benessere animale in allevamento certificato
    • Quality system UNI EN 9001:2008
    • Traceability UNI EN 22005:2008
    • BRC FOOD - Global standard for food safety
  • IFS Food certificate

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