We select the most prestigious French meat, where tradition demands the products to be of supreme quality.
We have chosen to specialize in Limousine meat.
In France we selected the best products widely known for their excellent performance regarding these races.


  • Highest quality beef from France
  • Animal welfare and wellness
  • Food safety, completely traceable with a full range of information about breading
  • Transparency and ethical values
  • Processed only by the best partner-factories in France

Quality is not only influenced by taste and tenderness. Security, information and respect
for the natural character of the product are equally important.
Therefore, we chose young animals with controlled and guaranteed genetics for the European market consumers.
These young bulls and oxen(beef) bred on a modern way, with respect for the animal and its wellbeing.
We do not only do this because of our ethical view, but also because it is an important factor that ensures the quality of the final products.