The Burger born to match people

Enzo Sisto 7 maart 2021

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March 2021 Eurocarni. This iconic magazine on the world of meat in Italy has once again recognized the validity of sharing in conviviality. A burger born to match people.

Eurocarni Marzo 2021

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It's called Urban Share Burger and it was born from an idea of FoodStage bv. The sizes are really maxi, from 1, 1.5 and 2 kg per piece

We all come out of a phase of lock-down  and shrinkage that has exhausted us for the duration and inconveniences and we meet the summer with a great desire for conviviality! Here, precisely on the basis of this last desire, conviviality and desire to be together, we tell you about the beautiful project "Burger to share" of the Dutch company  FoodStage b.v. It consists in the creation of a maxi burger,the Urban Share Steak Burger, which was conceived in 2017 and then presented at the Innovation Award of the 2018 edition of the Parisian exhibition SIAL, obtaining among other things the nomination among the finalists and being judged one of the most interesting products by various stakeholders.

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"It was born more to unite than to feed", tells me its creator, Vincenzo Sisto,who markets it in various versions: there is in fact the one based on Dutch veal, the one with cattle meat from the Loire valley and, finally, the one madewith Limousin French breed beef, animals raised without antibiotics since birth in the homonymous region of central and southern France. A version with Italian meat, both beef and veal, is also currently being studied.

The weight is definitely super maxi burger, with three sizes available: from 1 kg, from 1.5 kg, up to 2 kg.

Both the oven and the grill and the BBQ can be used for cooking. "The ideal is a reverse searing passage in a ventilated oven at 52 °C bringing the temperature to heart at 50 °C and, to follow, make a quick passage of 7 minutes per side on BBQ or grid", Sisto suggests to me. "Alternatively, they are also good 20 minutes in the oven at 200 °C, bringing the temperature to the heart of the product at 60 °C". 

The Urban Share Steak Burger is marketed strictly frozen, "so that we do not have to resort to additives of any kind, from acidity correctors to stabilizers, preservatives, and inhibit any type of bacterial development".


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The list of ingredients is very short: "In addition to meat, with the natural amount of fat from 10 to 15%, we use only natural fibers and aromas, salt, cheeses suitable to make this burger juicy, savory and pleasant even if the cooking must go a little further than necessary".

For the Urban Share Steak Burger therefore only natural ingredients and meats from suppliers previously selected according to the virtuous production of breeders, the level of food safety and the certifications  acquired (including BRC and IFS).

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But how do you turn the maxi burger on the grill?

"Simple! To facilitate cooking operations, simply have a resealable grill or a stainless steel scoop for pizza. Sure, it takes a little more time and attention in cooking, but do you want to put the satisfaction of sharing this "burger cake" with friends or using it to celebrate a carnivorous birthday?". Word of Enzo Sisto! 


A special thanks to Elena Benedetti - director of Eurocarni - for this tribute to the Urban Share Steak Burger.

FoodStage b.v.





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