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Enzo Sisto 1 maart 2022

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CO.FO.S. means COmmercial FOod Services.

Since 1992 we have been involved in projects and partnerships in the food sector.  Our mission is to shorten the distance between production and consumption, to break down cultural and linguistic barriers, to create product specifications that link and respect the needs of the various components of the supply chain and to be guarantors of it. 

In the last few decades research and product development, innovation. predicting and identifying trends in nutrition are part of our core business.  This is why COFOS felt the need to equip itself with a dedicated company: FOOD STAGE was born.

We were selected and reported in 2011 at Tuttofood Milan, and in 2016 and 2018 at SIAL in Paris for our innovative products, some of which had follow-up through press and television channels.The French France 3, the Dutch RTL4, the German ZDF,..., and different newspapers and magazines wrote about us in The Netherlands, in Italy, in France.  


The common thread in these years can be summed up in one word "excel".

Let's take up Treccani's definition: "to surpass all the others, to stand out from the others for eminent qualities".  The partners of COFOS & FOOD STAGE have pursued this goal.

Not only to define the products, but also to respect our values allround into the supply chains, the virtuous producers, the customers and the respect for consumers.

Ethical values as sustainability, circularity, respect for men - nature - animal welfare are always been acted in our organisation.   

We want to introduce you to some of our partners and projects which will be present on the “stage” during the MARCA Private Label Fair in Bologna Italy April 12-13th 2022.



Chateau Boucher

In 2018 we achieved a double certification for a semi-wild farm without antibiotics on the pastures of the Limousin region on the west side of the Central Massif. Cattle live socially in their natural environment in their herd, in freedom in the open air, healthy and happy. This is found in the excellent goodness of the product. Curious? 




When in 1953 two friends farmers in Normandy, Pierre de Montesson and Jean Castilla, decided to found SOCOPA (Society of Agricultural Products) they were in France the forerunners of the idea of the  short supply chain between production and distribution. Today SOCOPA almost 70 years later is part of the BIGARD GROUP which represents the excellence of the bovine supply chain in France. The BIGARD GROUP is the biggest beef company in Europe (A.D. 2020).  SOCOPA is fresh, frozen and cooked meat products.  Modern distributors or industrial or food service company will have at their disposal over 1200 meat products. Let us guide you to their discovery. 





Born in the United States, the fashion of BBQ has expanded in recent years also in Europe. The Netherlands as well as windmills, bicycles, Van Gogh and Rembrandt and tulips are proving to  be masters in BBQ.  This complete line of meat  products for both BBQ  amateurs  and  pit masters are Made in Holland and frozen in IQF-Hyperfrozen® and offer innovation, conviviality, but also comfort and affordability.  In addition to meat, fish, vegetables and bread also enrich  the assortment. 



Casa Vercelli.

Innovation in tradition.  The excellence of Italian veal proposed both in traditional and innovative version.  A great Italian producer of "vitello italiano" (Italian veal). With his integrated supply chain he has managed to be the only company in Italy to boast the denomination "Vitello del Piemonte".  Let yourself be guided to discover the gastronomic products ready to cook or ready to eat.  The Pronti nel Sacco, the Ready Meals, the Meat salad, the Wit, the burgers – miniburger –  veal meatballs and the  Piedmonts’ beef burger.   Deliciously delicious.  


What re-boils in the pot?

The 2019 COVID pandemic caused by the Corona virus forced us to put many projects on standby that were ready to be launched.

Some are so excellent that despite the two-year break they are still at the forefront. Three are dear to us and we want to hope that modern supermarket chains or industrial companies are able to evaluate their value and want to adopt them.

Research and development have already been carried out, the products have been tested and have won numerous awards.

Are you the partner who will adopt the project?



Hyperfrozen ® is the new fresh. 


Hyperfrozen concept is an evolution of the IQF.  Every living cell of both animal and plant origin contains many nutrients essential to life in general and to human life. These cells make the maximum nutritional contribution when they are fresh and unaltered. Sometimes a correct maturation process preserves the nutritional values and improves the sensory values. As soon as degenerative processes begin after harvesting (if vegetable) or killing (if animal), some of the nutrients present in the cells are always altered. With the HyProFrozen standard we prepare, prevent, preserve your food guaranteeing its organoleptic characteristics, nutrients, fragrance and flavor as if they were just produced. Hyper-Frozen is a standard that regulates for each product (food) the way of doing IQF. HyPerFrozen is the "new fresh". If you wish to know more:  Project available for adoption.



Veal Creations

From the experience and awards achieved by Veal Creations, an ambitious project to be adopted is reborn: exquisite convenience ready-to-eat products in which chopped vegetables and veal are the masters.  A concept based on clean label and short label.  All natural ingredients.  At least two / thirds of the product are vegetables but enriched with a touch of fine veal.  Project available for adoption.


Some of the magnificent products:




From the experience of Vega&joy we propose a line of plant based products without any component of animal origin.  Unique and identifiable by their composition and taste.  Born not to replace meat or fish but to accompany them.  Excellent as a vegan alternative for a light, balanced and tasty meal.  Ready to eat products are to be get warm in air fryer, ventilated oven or pan.  Available already in three flavors with fragrances and spices from different geographical regions: Mediterranean, Caribbean, American. Project available for adoption.


The products Veal Creations and Vega&joy are always clean label ans with a really short ingredients list.




Last but not least: RETAIL ITALIA. Our special guest.

Retail Italia represents a group of companies that, while maintaining their managerial autonomy, are connected and collaborate within the framework of a common value proposition.
Ideal partner in clients' business projects, it operates with always clear objectives set with models that guarantee levels of efficiency and a quick and measurable return on investment.
The key word around which the relationships between the companies of the group and their customers revolve is “reciprocity”: the value created for an actor also becomes value for the others, thus building a long-term business relationship. Retail Italia has also created our waterfall electronic business card: modern smart solutions. 


April 12-13th 2022 HALL 25 - B22

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