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Another guest on the stage: Salumi Cinque Stelle is our partner in Italian pork’s meat.

When you are producing a pork to make a Parma Ham you will have a lot of other fresh meat cuts which have the same excellent gourmet quality. This is one of the secrets of Italian Gastronomy. That’s because the Italian’s BOLOGNESE tastes better in Italy!

The excellence of Parma pork is represented by the certification of the Parma Ham Consortium, established in 1963 to protect and enhance Parma Ham around the world and offer consumers quality assurance and guarantees.
The certification process is reserved exclusively for selected stables and slaughterhouses, with very strict regulations, very high quality standards and with a traceability system recognized by the IPQ control body - Istituto Parma Qualità - which monitors, controls and certifies the entire supply chain: from breeding to slaughtering and production.
The territory of reference is that of the Po Valley, where the tradition in pig breeding is combined with unique climatic characteristics, in the constant search for new methods that can keep improving the final product and its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics.
Born as a small artisan workshop in Bareggio, near Milan, it quickly transformed its artisanal production into an industrial production of excellence. In the following years he specialized in the production of fresh sausages, as well as in the trade and transformation of pork meat at the Cassinetta di Lugagnano plant, also located in the Po Valley.
In September 2018, in Abbiategrasso, on an area of ​​approximately 12,000 m², the new headquarters of Salumi Cinque Stelle was inaugurated, able to guarantee its customers the highest quality production standards and to be able to meet new consumption trends.
The mission of Cinque Stelle has always been to maintain consistently high standards thanks to the control in every production phase, the maximum attention to the choice of raw materials, the use only and exclusively of excellent quality anatomical cuts, the selection of suppliers and of the type of animals and the coordination of all phases and production processes, to ensure freshness and quality of the products.
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In addition to the specifications of the Parma Consortium, Salumi Cinque Stelle has developed a project and an internal specification able to increase the quality and uniqueness of its products: the Omega 3 Nature Care project.
The Cura Natura system provides for the breeding of only Italian pigs, born raised and slaughtered in the Po Valley, in the fertile territories of Emilia and Lombardy and fed with raw materials compliant with the Parma Ham Consortium's regulations; but not only: special attention is paid to animal welfare and a diet rich in Omega 3.
The principles of this system are: reduction of animal stress through adequate spaces and the stimulus to social group life; a diet based on vegetable cereals with a high content of Omega 3; breeding facilities built in biosecurity and non-invasive in the impact with the territory; attention to hygiene, also with innovative technologies in water treatment and training of personnel assigned to the growth phases of the animal.
The traceability of the supply chain is guaranteed by the Certificate of Life Path of each individual animal and the Cura Natura system has obtained the Certiquality certification UNI EN ISO 22005 2008 for the Traceability in the Agro-food Chain with regard to: quality of the environment, quality in food, quality of the life of the animal, quality and research of alternative products to traditional care, quality in the constant taste of the meat and quality in the training of the personnel.
Salumi Cinque Stelle is therefore able to transform products of exclusive quality and unique characteristics, starting from an exceptional raw material such as Parma pork, certified Italian excellence recognized all over the world, also improving its nutritional and organoleptic characteristics through targeted projects and innovative.
Meet them on our stand hall 7 -102 during the Horecava 2020. 
Meet Luca Pedroli (CEO)
here in front of the new factory
with a family's old truck.
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